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Lightworkers and Anchoring to Gaia


I’ve been at Mt Shasta for the past two weeks soaking up high vibration energies. When a thought came to mind dear Lightworkers.

Do you visit these places hoping to find a connection to those energies?

Forgive the 3rd Dimensional thought form in my response:  you’re doing it wrong.

A true Lightworker is already a grounded, Sovereign Being, here to ground Light to Gaia.  I was reminded of this while hiking in the Mt Shasta areas.  When I would stop to marvel in Gaia’s beauty, I wanted to connect with that energy.  Then it occurred to me what my role in connecting really is.

I wasn’t there to take anything from Gaia.  She has already given humanity so much.  If I am the Lightworker I claim to be, then one of my responsibilities is to ground MY Light to Gaia, is it not?  It was then that a revelation came over me.  The Universe is all about flow.  In order to achieve balance, I give and take from it.  And if any place,  at any time needed Lightworkers to step up and intentionally ground Light energy into the planet’s collective consciousness, now is definitely that time.

It turns out here was my opportunity to ground and magnify Shasta’s unique energy through my loving intent.  Thereby joining with Mt Shasta’s energy and radiating bliss-charged love outward.  I have come to appreciate the meaning of ceremony when honoring the Source of our Being.

Here is how I ground my energies for the highest good for All.  I am always inspired by naturally formed vortexes.  Certain rock formations and faerie circles will draw your attention, you will sense something peaceful and reverent about this place.  At least for me, these places are off the beaten path.  I carry a walking stick (for what good is a cosmic Sorcerer without his staff?) and crystals with me that are charged with high vibration energies.  In the ground, I outline an infinity sign with my staff, starting in the middle and beginning the design to the upper right to celebrate the feminine / masculine energy rising.  I place a crystal in the center spot and then take four infinity breaths (one to channel energy from my body, one from my mind, one from my Spirit and the final one from my ethereal being).  At the end of the last breath when all the air in you has been exhausted (your still point) it is here that manifestation happens rapidly and setting your focus there is how your powers of intention create your energetic bond with Gaia at that spot.  Your energies and their loving intent join together with nature’s magnificence, creating a radiating moment of Law of One.  Take it in.  You take that combined energy with you to continue to spread throughout your travels.

My point in all this is that I believed I was going to Mt Shasta to receive something and although in truth, I did, what purpose my visit was to serve (or any other full-fledged Lightworker) is to ground YOUR energy to Gaia, not the other way around.  It was after I integrated this thought form and comprehended the notion of service-to-others that an overwhelming sense of bliss-filled love rewarded me with my Oneness with Gaia.  (You really do receive something in return).

Moral:  Lightworkers – remember what you are here to do.  Anchor YOUR sovereign Light to Gaia and prepare for her Ascension.

I AM contributing my grounded Light energy to the ascension of GAIA in this moment and into Infinity.


Namaste   Starbuck

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