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ZanAffirmation: 220124 – HUMBLE


ZanAffirmation: 220124

January 24, 2022


Whew….. sometimes Whew….. is a complete statement. In this statement I Am claiming that I Am part of the Omnipresent energy in this world. I Am everything that is mystical and magnificent right here and right now. I openly express my Divine knowingness, and share myself authentically.

I live my life very much awake and with consciousness thought. I Am someone who is gracious and humble as I move in the flow on my path. When there is an opportunity to clean something up vibrationally, I don’t hesitate and I do just that. When I Am afforded an opportunity to do this I Am HUMBLED. It is in my HUMILITY that I find other opportunities to know I Am a Spiritual being living a human life, and it is in the humanness that I find myself HUMBLED. Asking for forgiveness for any reason I experience being HUMBLE. What is such a blessing and a gift in this scenario, is that I get to be vulnerable, transparent and one hundred percent authentic owning my own actions and behaviors. Today I will take moments to embrace my humanness and see where I can be a witness and observe HUMILITY in and around me in my world. Staying in forward moving motion, vibrating and attracting that which is in me and a part of me, I know the value and worth of the simplicity of being HUMBLE.

I Am having quite the abundance of gratitude for knowing I Am always at choice, and I get to co-create the life I want to live. It is in the living of my life, because I get to live life, that all things are probable. Wherever I Am, I stay steeped in thankfulness for every experience I have in my life as it is a true expression of pure Love. I know this word is done, as I let go and let the Divine mirror back to me the Truth of my life.

And so It is.


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