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ZanAffirmation: 220114 – HIGH


ZanAffirmation: 220114

January 14, 2022


There is a verse in a song the says “Angels we have heard in HIGH”, and what comes to light with that sentence is that there are Angels around me always, guiding me, urging me, protecting me, as I know we are all One Mind.

This day I woke up in some sort of HIGH, a sort of ethereal energy HIGH. I absolutely know I Am a Light Being who enjoys other realms as I get to observe, and participate in them at my leisure. Today I Am knowing HIGH has many other meanings as well, and what is calling my energy forward and to be explored is the Ethereal Energy HIGH. In this Masterfully white light Energy HIGH the connection to Source is powerful and cannot be ignored. Staying Present with the Presence is a HIGH all of its own. As I Am Present I Am most capable of manifesting anything my mind can conjure, then watch how it unfolds effortlessly, this is always a HIGH. With this type of HIGH experience I get to witness the expression of the One laying all my desires at my feet with love. Today I will focus on how I may facilitate our world to have more and more experiences of an Ethereal Energy HIGH daily.

To whom much is given, much is expected. I take this to heart because I know it is in my thankfulness that all things are probable. I Am literally overjoyed with each moment, I feel and express my gratitude. Light and bright today is in Divine order.

And so It is.


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