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ZanAffirmation: 220115 – GLIDE


ZanAffirmation: 220115

January 15, 2022


Each and everyday I get to be an active participant in this thing called my life. Knowing I Am called to live out loud and to live my best life yet, I ground my energy into Gaia and stand firm knowing I Am always connected to Source Energy.

Technical meaning of GLIDE is moving over something in a smooth motion. For me GLIDE means I Am in the flow that supports who I Am, and where I wish to go. When I Am GLIDING I Am in a current of unrestrained energies that propel me into my next best steps in this day. To GLIDE in my life is kind of like the metaphor of water off a ducks back. What I mean by water off a ducks back, is that the water just runs, GLIDES if you will right off a ducks back and does not get stuck. For me when I Am in a GLIDE scenario in my life I Am literally at a place of serene contentment where anything that vibrates at a lower level, does not get stuck with me as it just GLIDES right off my back. Being at choice daily I allow myself to choose that where I choose to put my energies, and co-create a world that works for me and everyone. Today I will pay attention to how easily and effortlessly my life unfolds staying in the flow, and GLIDING with forward motion that supports the Truth of who I Am.

Anywhere I Am I Am accompanied by my unwavering thankfulness for my life and who I Am. Staying grounded in gratitude allows me to be an active participant in my life for greatness as the depth of my thanksgiving is a precious gift that keeps on giving always unhindered. This word is done in the Mind of the One.

And so It is.


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