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ZanAffirmation: 220413 – GIVE


ZanAffirmation: 220413

April 13, 2022


In the stillness of my breath I can feel The Creators heart beat mirroring my heart beat. I Am One always with the heart beat of The One Power right here and right now.

Whatever I GIVE freely, always returns to me multiplied abundantly. To GIVE of myself is one of the priceless gifts I have complete control over. Daily I show up authentically willing and ready to GIVE every ounce of the best me possible to any and all situations. When I Am conscious about GIVING, I Am like a tree in the wind, as I bend and GIVE myself to the flow that is happening. To GIVE in any capacity be it spiritual, physical, even emotional, I Am telling the Universe that I Am abundant and I share what I have, and what I have been GIVEN freely and openly. I know my value and worth, and as I continue on my Spiritual quest, I Am afforded many opportunities to GIVE back in my life, just as much has always been GIVEN me. To GIVE is in my minds eye, like an infinity circle that just keeps flowing in and though always being reciprocal in nature. Today I Am setting the intention of GIVING to something or someone, in a new way that keeps the Law of attraction in motion supporting my life as well as the live of others that I touch.

The truest nature of Love, is always found in my gratitude. It is in my gratefulness that I continue to thrive and expand my consciousness knowing my life is Divinely guided and blessed. I let go of this word into the Law, knowing it is already done.

And so It is.


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