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ZanAffirmation: 220418 – FUN


ZanAffirmation: 220418

April 18, 2022


I Am a bright light in this world, and my light shines even brighter when I Am in Divine alignment with Source Energy. My Truth is that with each breath I breathe in, I Am breathing the Love of the Eternal One, which created me in Its likeness.

I Am literally over the moon when this small but mighty three letter word is present in my life. When I’m having FUN there’s some type of enjoyment or amusement that I Am either witnessing or being an active part of. FUN for me is a beautiful lighthearted pleasure that I get to have at any moment of any day. I have deep belly laughs when FUN is present, even when I Am the butt of a joke, this type of poking FUN is usually hilarious, and pretty much spot on of the Truth of me. When I have FUN I Am playful, and often boisterous with my action or my words. There is definitely a frequency that I vibrate at when having FUN, that attracts others to join in the FUN. As an adult I Am conscious to allow myself to grown down, and embrace FUN much like I did when I was a child. Today I will use the words “ Old fashioned” before I do something like the dishes, as saying I Am having an old fashioned dish washing party makes it so much more fun!

Everything in my life revolves around knowing what an extraordinary life I get to live with a heart full of gratitude. Every moment of everyday I Am afforded the opportunities to stay focused on that which makes my life so rich, and what is at the foundation of said richness, is that I Am someone who is eternally thankful for this thing called life and all it has to offer.

And so It is.


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