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ZanAffirmation: 220411 – FOUNDATION


ZanAffirmation: 220411

April 11, 2022


There is One All Mighty Energy that has been here from the beginning. This Creative Force of Love, only knows Love, and I Am One with this Love and I can never be separate from that which created me.

My Spiritual FOUNDATION is one of the most important parts of my life. My continued knowingness is that FOUNDATION helps to shape, and helps to develop my relationship with my connection to Source Energy as well as myself. My focus of FOUNDATION is a solid ground that other parts of my life are over laid, much like building a FOUNDATION, a sturdy foundation for a home, it takes time to build that FOUNDATION to withstand anything life throws at it. I have that solid FOUNDATION in many areas of my life, as I am grounded, focused, and motivated to live my best life ever! I Am able to lean into my life’s FOUNDATION, while I continue to water, feed, and enhance all that FOUNDATIONS mean to me. Today I will be conscious about going inward in a devotional prayer type of way, and know my actions are in alignment with my deepest desires, and that I continue to maintain a solid FOUNDATION on my journey of this most magnificent life ever.

All areas of my life are continually supported and empowered by the vast amount of thanksgiving that is me as me. I Am living a life that is powered by being a grateful person who knows my unique value and worth in this world. As I believe, so shall it be.

And so It is.


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