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ZanAffirmation: 220420 – FOOTWORK


ZanAffirmation: 220420

April 20, 2022


There is a never ending Energy field that shines a bit brighter, loves a bit deeper, and knows there is no spot, It is not. I too know God/Goddess, It, is what keeps urging me forward into being the Precious being I was created to be, I Am connected to this Energy always.

Daily as I walk my walk, and talk my talk, it requires me to match my FOOTWORK to my words and actions. As I go into each day, it is my FOOTWORK that keeps propelling me forward into my next right indicated steps to fulfilling what I get to claim as my best life ever! I Am aware that when my chakras are all in Divine alignment my FOOTWORK unfolds with ease and Grace in all areas of my life. Whatever I want to experience and express usually starts with moving my physical self as in FOOTWORK, as well as my Spiritual FOOTWORK. There is a saying “Treat and move your feet”. What this saying means to me spiritually is, I plant my intentions, know my intentions are already made manifest, and do any other type of FOOTWORK required to allow my manifestations to come into fruition. Today I will focus my attention on any FOOTWORK that will serve what it is I truly desire, then let go and allow Source Energy to match this most amazing vibrational dance I have knowing the Kingdom is mine for the asking.

There are a few words that express what it is I feel to the core of my being around thankfulness, like grateful, thankful, and blessed just to name a few. As I live and breath from this space I Am in perfect alignment for my life to mirror back to me each and every desire. Simply put thoughts become things, so I let go and know all is well with my Soul.

And so It is.


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