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ZanAffirmation: 220515 – FOOTWORK


ZanAffirmation: 220515

May 15, 2022


Om is a glorious sound of connection to Universal consciousness that is one with me as I Am One with It. It is a magnificent knowingness that my body can be anywhere in this world and I will always be One with Shiva.

This day I Am asking myself if my FOOTWORK matches my words. To have great words and intentions with the FOOTWORK to go with it, sets myself up for great success. It is important to me that my intentions go hand in hand with my verbiage, and my FOOTWORK. When I think of FOOTWORK on a playful side, I Am inspired by visions of my actual feet dancing numerous steps to all types of music that guide me into a rhythmic trance of vibration that just can not be contained in my body any longer. There is a song that says “The rhythm is gonna get cha, the rhythm is gonna get cha, the rhythm is gonna get cha tonight”. To this I say, bring it on!!!! FOOTWORK today is both fun, and rewarding in keeping myself in alignment with how big I Am showing up in this world!!! Today I will go deeper with Source knowing where I lay my attentions, they will always manifest beyond my wildest dreams.

Blessed be what an incredible journey this thing called Life is full of joy, gratitude, abundance, Love, and a knowingness that in my thankfulness I will continue to grow and flourish. Thank you Life🙏🏽.

And so It is.


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