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ZanAffirmation: 220430 – FLAWLESS


ZanAffirmation: 220430

April 30, 2022


Love is perfection in motion. In this motion I Am in the flow of what created me, and how Divinely perfect I Am. Everywhere I Am, I exude the Truth that I can never be separate from the Source of this Love.

I was created in Love from perfection, so I Am FLAWLESS. As a FLAWLESS being I Am able to be, do, and see, the FLAWLESSNESS in others around me and in my world. To be FLAWLESS requires me to look at how mystical I Am, and what I Am able to accomplish without being in any judgement of me or anything in my life. As I suit up, show up, and do what is before me, my vibration raises to meet my own FLAWLESSNESS that I get to radiate in all my actions, words, and deeds. Knowing my Divine Truth and purpose in this life, as I declare myself to be FLAWLESS I Am a Spiritual being living in a human suitcase. There is a gift in this as I get to express and experience life in this three D realm that is true and complete no matter what. When anything unlike being FLAWLESS comes into my purview, I simply redirect myself and my thoughts to the real Truth that I Am FLAWLESS. Today I will lean into and embrace the totality of who I Am and polish a thought until it too becomes FLAWLESS.

This day is a day that has been brought to my by my own knowingness that I Am an incredible individual who is genuinely steeped in gratitude. Anywhere I Am, I Am always able to vibrate higher just by delving into more thankfulness. My life is abundantly blessed as it mirrors back to me all that I desire.

And so It is.


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