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ZanAffirmation: 220406 – FEAR


ZanAffirmation: 220406

April 6, 2022


I Am an abundant Source of Divine Energy that breathes in and through every cell of my being. I know the Light that I Am was created from Christ Consciousness, and knowing this from the core of who I Am, I continue to shine as bright as I was created to do.

In life I can make anything mean whatever I want, simply by changing my thinking around it. So FEAR for me is not a negative word by any means, because for me FEAR is (FEELING EXCITED AND READY) for what is happening, and what is on the way to happen in my life. I realize more and more each day, being the Captain of my Fate and the Master of my Soul is a huge gift that I get to lean into, and allow Source Energy to course through every part of my life. Staying steeped in the knowingness that all is well in my world I continue to vibrate with FEAR (FEELING EXCITED AND READY) as my life is a continuous gift, that I get to live anyway I want to live it. I live my life by choice, and what I choose daily is to know everything that happens is for my greatest good no matter what. Knowing this to be my Truth I get to choose the (FEELING EXCITED AND READY) for what amazing, wonderful, fulfilling, spectacular, and magnificent things that are already a part of my life, and to know there is more and more greatness unfolding in every moment of everyday no matter what.

This is what I believe and in my beliefs I have an abundance of thankfulness for just how blessed beyond words that I Am, as I know everything happens in my life to support the fullest and most mystical being that I Am. This is the best day ever.

And so It is.


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