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ZanAffirmation: 220329 – FACT


ZanAffirmation: 220329

March 29, 2022


As I allow the Love of All that is, to wash over me, I Am grounded in the Truth that the Light that I Am, is and always will burn bright. My light is bright, beautiful, and bountiful. This Light that I Am, is and always will burn bright, as I was created from the brightest Light of All Love.

For me FACT is not just a word it is also a powerful acronym for me. These four letters for me also mean Fast Action Changes Things. I Am a responsible person who knows for a FACT, that thoughts become things. Knowing this powerful FACT, I choose my thoughts and words with a consciousnesses that supports who I Am. In life there are times when my FACTS of a situation are different from someone else’s FACTS, and what I choose to do in these situations is to lean into another persons FACTS and glean what I can. By embracing my own FACTS, knowing they are ever changing, able to morph into what suits my best self, and by embracing other peoples FACTS, I get to expand Mind and my experiences in my life. The plain FACT of this day is that anything my Mind can conceive, I can achieve. Today I Am able to look right into each moment and know as I keep walking forward on my journey, that the greatest FACT of all is I Am perfect, I Am whole, I Am Complete, I Am Enough, and I Am living Love.

As I continue to stay open at the top, I continue to be a pure expression of gratitude, knowing everything that happens in my life is a gift. When I choose how I show up, or how I respond to life, I get to receive more and more greatness as my thankfulness continues to be the foundation of a life well lived.

And so It is.


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