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ZanAffirmation: 220120 – EXQUISITE


ZanAffirmation: 220120

January 20, 2022


The glow, the ethereal blanket that is Life Itself is All Powerful, full of nothing but Love. In this vibration, All of Life is complete, whole, and perfect as It urges me forward to live as big as I was created to Live. I Am unstoppable!!!

I Am absolutely in awe of my life and how it always unfolds for my best and most EXQUISITE life yet! When I have an opportunity to engage with new Tribe, I feel an EXQUISITE vibrational pull that can not not be felt on all cylinders. This EXQUISITE energy connection runs deep, in and through me, in and through the new Tribe member I get to be engaged with, as our combined energy ignites new and exciting playgrounds for us to play the authentic game of life as One. What I know to be a Truth for me is that when someone gives me their time and energy it is an EXQUISITE priceless gift that I honor. I breathe in, and bask in the glory that is my birthright to know, express, embrace, and shine as the EXQUISITE creature that I Am right here and now. Today I will seek opportunities to see all the ways my life brings to me EXQUISITE people, EXQUISITE situations, and most of all I will embrace all the EXQUISITE qualities I myself possess.

All my thoughts are a continuous prayer of thanksgiving for my life and It’s Divine unfoldment. There is no spot that my gratitude is not. I Am aware and know how very blessed my life is, every moment of everyday. I know this word is already made manifest.

And so It is.


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