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ZanAffirmation: 220517 – ENJOY


ZanAffirmation: 220517

May 17, 2022


In this vast Universe I Am a droplet in the Creative consciousness that is connected to all Mystical and Magickal energies always. I vibrate at my fullest when I Am steeped in this Truth, knowing I Am forever connected, as I Am the I Am.

To literally ENJOY something I Am always at choice. Sometimes when I get to ENJOY someone or something I Am totally taken by surprise on which me is doing the ENJOYING. This is an absolute Truth of who I Am in this third dimension, as there are many me’s that get to play a part in my daily life. When I Am ENJOYING an experience I know I Am one hundred percent engaged in said experience. Being fully in to all experiences I see where my Divine alignment with Source comes in. Being aligned with my best self, this turns up the volume on my ENJOYMENT factor. Anytime I allow space, a pause if you will, I see many nuances in what it is I Am ENJOYING. I know all my senses are involved with anything I Am ENJOYING. I get to see ENJOYMENT with all the wonders this world has to offer and beyond, I get to hear things that I ENJOY as simple as a conversation, nature sounds, music, and the sweet simple breathing of my Twin Flame🔥🔥. My Spiritual practice has always been a grounding ENJOYMENT factor that starts each day being in complete alignment with the Truth of who and what I Am. Today I will verbally out loud say the instances that I ENJOY ever raising my vibrational pull for more and more goodness and watch others around me as I claim my ENJOYMENT.

I Am literally beyond thankful for this most amazing life I get to live everyday always no matter what. My blessing are numerable as I know how deep my daily thanksgiving is for this life and beyond.

And so It is.


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