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ZanAffirmation: 220419 – ENERGY


ZanAffirmation: 220419

April 19, 2022


Source ENERGY has many names, and is still The One. Any name I call It, It always supports my every desire, as I Am One with this Source no matter the name. I Am the Divinity that is whole, perfect and complete.

I know that the ENERGY that runs through me, is an amazing ENERGY that allows me to live the life I want. I have physical ENERGY, strength and vitality that’s required to sustain my physical and mental activities. I Am always Spiritually ENERGIZED to keep going deeper into my connection with Source ENERGY, while being a beacon of light. My vibrational ENERGY pull, allows me to attract other like minded Tribe, exchanging our combined ENERGIES for everyone highest and best self. I Am completely blessed by the capacity I have, to shift and transmute my energy, as well as others energies to support the greatness of life. Today I know I am the Life force of ENERGY that is ever evolving, ever transcending, and always available for me to tap into, anytime and anywhere I Am. This day I will allow the sacred part of my ENERGIES to lead and guide me into my next right indicated steps for my most glorious Life.

When there are no words, just a smile, this is silent thanksgiving that I know to be one of my most precious assets I have. Gratitude allows all areas of my life to unfold in perfect harmony. I stay open at the top, leading by example’s of the Truth of who I Am.

And so It is.


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