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ZanAffirmation: 211130 – ENCANTO


ZanAffirmation: 211130

November 30, 2021


So many names for the Creative Energy that created me in Love. It is Light, I Am Light, It is Grace, I Am Grace, It is Love, I Am Love, It is Peace, I Am Peace, It is Joy, I Am Joy, It is Magick, I Am Magick. All of these things and much much more It is, I Am as well no matter what.

I knew nothing about this word until Disney made a movie with this title. What I gleaned from ENCANTO was that I have a charm, an allure of something that is completely, uniquely one hundred percent me. While I know this to be my Truth, I also know it to be the Truth of everyone. There is a delightful feeling for me around ENCANTO, it is Magick on steroids. I hold the space for all the parts of who I Am, to be able to equally participate in my life. This sentence is really what ENCANTO means to me. How joyous is life when I choose to be my best and highest self, to be present in every encounter I get to have. Today I Am going to ENCANTO the heck out of this day!!! Loosely translated, I will live out loud, be authentically all of me’s with magick, knowing my value and worth, enjoying every moment of this glorious day being unapologetically all I was brought here to be and experience.

There is an undeniable gift to understanding what gratitude means to me. The more I share my thankfulness openly the more my life is gifted and blessed beyond measure. I find it very easy to express my thankfulness, and by being thankful for every situation that comes along, I Am empowered to always know I Am enough.

And so it is.


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