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ZanAffirmation: 220415 – DILIGENT


ZanAffirmation: 220415

April 15, 2022


When there is a soft wind I feel the breath of the Divine. When the sun kisses my skin I see the Divine. When I speak with love and kindness I Am Divine, as I Am and always will be part of the Whole.

I recall hearing a phrase that says, “ I must do my due DILIGENCE”. Whenever I hear the word must, should, could etc. I feel like I child digging my feet deeper into the sand, as none of these words sing to me in anyway. Now on the other hand, being a DILIGENT person in my life and in this world I Am able to stay the course of whatever path it is I Am on because of being DILIGENT. There is a strength and a silent calm that I feel present when I Am focused and DILIGENT. This still calm focus of my DILIGENCE allows all my senses to come together as one, and co-create the life I truly desire, and so richly deserve. Today I will stay conscious and excited about the character asset I have of being DILIGENT, as this character asset breathes new life and fire into all areas of my life and makes me completely unstoppable in everything I endeavor to accomplish in my life.

I Am free to be the entirety of all of me’s living out loud and in charge knowing that the amazing life I live is built on a foundation of thanksgiving. Anytime I Am in forward moving motion, I know this is fueled by gratitude that is an endless gift I get to keep receiving and giving. I let go and let it be.

And so It is.


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