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ZanAffirmation: 220119 – DEJA VU


ZanAffirmation: 220119

January 19, 2022


I see my physical form here, and I feel myself everywhere. This feeling of being everywhere, is because I Am a Spiritual Being who is part of the whole. I Am here, and I Am everywhere. Anywhere Shiva is I Am, I Am never separate from Source, I Am home in the heart of Love.

I completely enjoy when I have a DEJA VU, and I lean into it and see what I can glean from the experience. In French DEJA VU literally means already dreamed or already seen. What a blast it is to have DEJA VU moments, as I believe for myself these moments are a peak into what is manifesting my way for my highest and most authentic self to express. Especially when I sleep, I know I Am visiting other realms and sometimes it is here that I experience the most magnificent DEJA VU instances. DEJA VU has happened since I’ve been little, and it has always been like getting a surprise present. For myself the more I Am Spiritually connected with someone or something, the occurrences of DEJA VU rise exponentially, allowing me to be fully present with each DEJA VU experience. Today I will take time to be still, grounding myself in a way that I can see that which is seeking to express through me as me, allowing the Magick to unfold as I take a peek and stroll through new DEJA VU moments. I say to Life “Bring on all the Magick, as I Am ready to receive all that the Universe has in store for me!”

Knowing my words are creative and full of Power, I suit up, show up, and embrace all that I Am, knowing my thankfulness is the golden key to the unfoldment of my best life ever! Staying grounded in Truth, and gratitude, I Am free to authentically express myself out loud, full of vim and vigor, and with a gloriously giddy heart. My Life is a blast, and I know I have never been more blessed.

And so It is.


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