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ZanAffirmation: 220429 – CURIOUS


ZanAffirmation: 220429

April 29, 2022


There is a victorious feeling from my core that knows no matter what my Source of Spirit loves me exactly as I Am always. My connection to my Divine Self knows only Love, as Love is Omnipresent today, tomorrow, and forever.

There is a wonderful part of myself that is most CURIOUS about the world around me and those in it. When I show up and allow myself to be authentically exactly where I Am at in any moment, I Am CURIOUS as to what will unfold next. In my CURIOSITY the world is my oyster, and I Am a pearl. There is a saying “CURIOSITY stills the cat”, and I really like this because when I Am in stillness I Am able to see all the wonderful ways my CURIOSITY feeds my soul. There is a beautiful wonderment in my CURIOUSNESS that connects me to other realms and individuals so I may explore, expand, and experience new and amazing things in my life. When I ponder on any given topic, I Am affording myself the opportunity to go deeper into a priceless state of CURIOSITY of the unkowningness that is yet to be. Today I Am going to be CURIOUS about a brand new topic, or thing that wants to be birthed through me, as me.

Wow, just wow. When I Am nothing but thankful I Am in complete alignment with my highest and best self. I know wherever a heart full of gratitude lives, nothing else can exist.

And so It is.


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