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ZanAffirmation: 220117 – CRYSTALS


ZanAffirmation: 220117

January 17, 2022


In all the dimensions in our vast Universe I Am connected beyond my wildest dreams to the heart beat, the core if you will, of Source Energy. It is here that I flourish, as I Am One with Love.

I have always known that CRYSTALS have extraordinary healing properties, and when I am connected to this energy all things go from possible to probable. I Am in Divine alignment with Gaia’s energy where some of these CRYSTALS are birthed. As I wear my Amber Andara I Am grounded beyond my wildest dreams. It is in the knowingness that CRYSTALS that call my name, I must obey the calling and without a doubt bring and It into my life and connect deeper to Source energy through the CRYSTALS energy. Anywhere I Am I know I Am grounded in the energy of my own CRYSTALS, as today I Am being aware that the sacred energy that CRYSTALS hold from ancient, mystical knowledge, is brought forth to me, to better understand the guidance they bring into my life. When I’ve embraced a raw CRYSTAL it is here that I feel most connected to its vibration. What I love about all CRYSTALS, raw or polished, is that they are indiscriminate and it doesn’t matter in what manner I choose to honor them, as they will lead me to my next best decisions always. Base line for me, CRYSTALS promote the flow of energy in and through my life, my Mind, my Body, and my Spirit. CRYSTALS also allow me to embrace and to be a part of astral travel. Having astral travel experiences is one of things I was brought here to experience and share with others. CRYSTALS are literally the gift that keeps on giving in many avenues in my life.

Knowing I Am blessed beyond measure, I breathe in huge gratitude for all that is, and all that is coming my way. I stay open at the top allowing the depth of my thankfulness to be a beacon of light as I walk my walk, and talk my talk. Knowing this word is already done in the Mind of the One, I let go, and embrace the manifestation of my Truth.

And so It is.


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