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ZanAffirmation: 220414 – CLEAR


ZanAffirmation: 220414

April 14, 2022


There is an awe and wonderment I have around knowing that the Omnipresent Being that created me, is always in me as me, as well as behind the scenes conspiring for my best life ever.

I Am keenly aware that it is my perception of things which mirrors back to me that where my attention is put. Knowing this to be a strong and most powerful Truth, I keep my mind CLEAR of chatter, and my life free from static. Knowing when I Am transparent, CLEAR and unclouded I get to be completely present to what is put before me to pay attention to. Another way I Am CLEAR is to be free of anything that’s blocking my highest self, staying free from confusion and CLEAR as to what my purpose is. When I engage with someone verbally I get to CLEARLY speak my mind in manner that is uncluttered and without distractions or confusion. It is easy and simple for me to understand that it is my responsibility to always be CLEAR with my wants, thoughts, needs, words and desires. Today I will stretch myself to say something intimately, CLEARLY, and profoundly that I wish to experience in life, knowing I Am always supported to express authentically and uniquely as my best and most profound self.

This thing called life is one amazing journey where everything I Am, and everything I desire is all wrapped up in many blessings, starting with the level of thankfulness that I Am, and the thankfulness of all that I have. I know wherever my gratitude is, I will always be in alignment with my best Truth of who I Am.

And so It is.


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