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ZanAffirmation: 211227 – CHOICE


ZanAffirmation: 211227

December 27, 2021


Wherever I Am, It is as well. I Am always connected to It no matter what. I can never be separate from Divine Loving Energy. In every moment of everyday my Light shines forth to be a beacon.

As an adult I make a daily CHOICE to adult myself. What adulting by CHOICE means to me is that I Am responsible for my life. If I Am in a situation that does not serve my highest self, I adult myself and make a CHOICE to change my circumstances. I Am the Master of my fate and the Captain of my Soul, and I Am the one who has all power in the CHOICES I make. When I decide to change my mind and make a different CHOICE for myself, this is the epitome of self love and a great foundation for self care. In each day I stay keenly aware that it is in the CHOICES that I make that keep me propelling forward into my God given destiny. When I was created I was created to be special, spectacular, unique as an individual, and to really see the value and worth I could bring into this dimension. CHOOSING what makes my heart sing is not only a gift, it is a responsibility to my highest and best self, as it allows me to be like a glow worm and find my Tribe. Today I will make CHOICES that nourish the delicious Being that I Am. As an observer in my own life I will witness the fantastic evolvement with all the CHOICES that I choose for myself as my life continues to unfold with ease and Grace.

Any literal ground I walk on is a road map to my actual grounding vibe I carry within myself. In my grounding vibe I have an unlimited amount of gratitude that continues to serve me well. Having this attitude of gratitude is like a finely tuned violin that carries me and my vibration to the outer limits daily. I know all is well with my Soul.

And so It is.


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