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ZanAffirmation: 220215 – CAUSE EFFECT


ZanAffirmation: 220215

February 15, 2022


Everywhere I Am, I Am always in Perfect alignment with my best and highest self. It is here that I Am Truly free. In this freedom I feel the surging, coursing, of a Magnificent Energy that I can only describe as Perfect Love. I Am steeped in the Divinity of this Love, as my own vibration steers the course of all things Magickal.

Absolutely without a doubt CAUSE and EFFECT are things that play out in my life daily. Wherever I put my attention and my thoughts around said situation, I will always have an EFFECT from them. I Am very conscious with what I not only say, but what I think. The Truth is thoughts become things, hence CAUSE and EFFECT. In a garden when you plant a tomato seed, tomatoes will grow, this is CAUSE planting the seed, and EFFECT tomato plant growing. Simply put, I hold a door open for someone CAUSE, they say thank you EFFECT. These two examples are simple, and when I look at the grand scheme of life, I know I Co- Create my real realities. Knowing this I plant seeds of greatness filled with Love and an undeniable vibration of attracting like minded Tribe and experiences. Together with my connection and grounding with Gaia (Mother Earth) I Am unstoppable as Gaia’s energy continues to propel me into my next right indicated journey in this dimension as well as other dimensions. I Am always at choice and I choose to CAUSE expansion, and allow the EFFECTS to open me up deeper than ever before. Today I will allow myself to be available to see what I CAUSE to occur, and the EFFECTS it has on myself and those around that support everyone’s highest self.

As I Am still with the knowingness all things are probable I give great thanks for each and every experience I get to have. It is in this type of gratitude that I Am able to continually be fed on a Soul level knowing I Am an amazing being who’s Life happens for them. This word is done in the Mind of the One.

And so It is.


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