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ZanAffirmation: 220622 – CARPE DIEM


ZanAffirmation: 220622

June 22, 2022


The heart beat of Gaia is palpable as she too was created from Love as was I. It is in this true nature of Love, that lives and breathes Source Energy, that encapsulates All of the wondrous miracles here on earth and beyond.

CARPE DIEM is a perfect phrase for everyday of my life. When I wake up and embrace the day, or seize the day as they say, I Am telling the Universe I Am on board with everything my life has to offer. Daily I get to choose to be Present and have the entirety of who I Am on board with CARPE DIEM, as I Am open at the top allowing my extraordinary Life to expand beyond this simple realm of being. There may be other literal meanings of the phrase CARPE DIEM, and for me the simple transliteration of seize the day, speaks volumes on how I want to continue to expand myself, and grow into all the wonderful experiences life has to offer. No matter where I Am or who I Am with, simply having the intention, the vibe if you will of CARPE DIEM, attracts more and more of life’s glorious essence. I know being an individual who lives awake or conscious if you will, I Am allowing myself to be in tune with all the newness that wants to come forward into my life as I see just how extremely grounded I Am in living my life from a CARPE DIEM standpoint. Today I will be the complete embodiment of CARPE DIEM embracing all this glorious day has to offer.

I Am pure gratitude in action as me, from me, thanking the Life Force of Love for every aspect of this day. My entire Life is beyond blessed by being an authentic being of pure thanksgiving who’s open heart vibrates in alignment with who I was created to be.

And so It is.


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