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ZanAffirmation: 220417 – BOHEMIAN


ZanAffirmation: 220417

April 17, 2022


Everywhere I Am, I Am living Love. To Love is my nature by Divine right accordance with my Souls purpose right here and right now. I Am a Precious being of Light and I shine bigger and brighter with the Truth of who I Am.

I Am an unconventional individual with an artistic way all of my own, and my nomadic spirit is a wondering BOHEMIAN spirit, especially when wandering with my Twin Flame. Being BOHEMIAN by nature, I live out loud and unconventionally of others rules or practices, as it is here that I follow my hearts desires. I consciously live a life full of color, and with Tribe who also have a BOHEMIAN souls in them. I Am unconventional and what I do conform to is what I know and feel the Truth is for myself. Knowing my BOHEMIAN self I Am able to embrace and lean into living an unconventional lifestyle, knowing I am free, I Am unstoppable, and my BOHEMIAN nature has a Gypsy soul that leans into a beautiful relaxed way of being. Today I will let go even more and express myself artistically, engaging those around me to explore their own BOHEMIAN nature.

Living free filled with an attitude of gratitude, I Am abundantly blessed, my life is charmed, and I Am an amazing being who makes a difference in this world. I know thoughts become things, and my thoughts are I Am complete and total Love, and my life mirrors back to me that which I believe.

And so It is.


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