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ZanAffirmation: 220412 – BACKPACK


ZanAffirmation: 220412

April 12, 2022


There is a simple Truth that I know is my Truth, and that Truth is the entire Universe always conspires for my highest greatness no matter what. This Divine Love has been nurtured in other realms by other beings for bazillion of years, and they want only the highest and best for me and of course all of mankind.

A physical BACKPACK can hold many things that help me in my day to day life, by not having to juggle holding things in my hands, I Am able to fit them nicely in a BACKPACK. Emotionally and Spiritually speaking I have a different kind of BACKPACK. When I Am encountered with a similar experience from my past, sometimes that old BACKPACK of emotions blows up, in order for whatever the energy around said experience is, to be dissolved as it no longer serves me. I get to stay aware and learn whatever lesson it is that needed to be learned, and then to bless it and let it go for the lesson is now learned. I Am an amazing Soul who came here to express all that is me as me knowing I Am always supported and safe to live my life out loud. My Spiritual BACKPACK has every tool I will ever require to keep living an abundant and blessed life, as it is here in this groundedness of my Soul that I live freely and authentically. Today I will meditate, and visualize exactly what it is I desire to be and have in my life, allowing all my BACKPACKS to support me in having the greatest life beyond any dreams or hopes, as the Universe wants to mirror back to me the Truth of any and all my deepest desires.

There is a freedom when I Am able to maintain my gratitude in what may appear to be an adversity, and this is the depth of what I know is my Truth around being someone who is grateful for everything, and I mean everything. No matter where I Am, there I Am, and I Am whole, perfect, and complete, just as I Am and just as I will be anew.

And so It is.


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