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ZanAffirmation: 220321 – AWE


ZanAffirmation: 220321

March 21, 2022


The Truth of my Life is, that I know with every ounce of my being, that I Am always One in the Mind of Source Energy, and that this Energy is one hundred percent my biggest fan, now and always. Source created me to express Its love through me as me, and for me this is a gift I honor by living my best life.

In this moment I Am in AWE of my life and my world. For me to be AWE inspired, it can be as simple as witnessing someone or something doing something kind in this world, and of course so so much more. I have many moments of AWE daily, and the impact they have on my life are not lost on me. The wonder of this simple three letter word AWE, pack so much amazing vibrations, I continue to seek and be a part of AWE moments in my life as well as others. There is a common thread with AWE, and that common thread is that AWE stays open at the top, ready to experience life’s next grand adventure. AWE for me is an extremely honest expression that bubbles up from the depth of who I Am and what created me to be. This fact alone, is completely AWE inspiring to me. The vastness in which the earth exists, with so many other planets, sun, stars, and cosmic juju, is just one, but one powerful AWE inspiring area that strikes a cord deep within me, that has always made me feel just how perfectly I Am in alignment with the enormity of this thing called Life. Today I will be an even more active participant in my life, ready to embrace all of my life’s AWE experiences, as I keep co- creating my life, living out loud, completely authentically, and most definitely unapologetically.

Every moment of everyday is pure Magick, and the enormity of this energy is part of who I Am, and it is also one component that keeps my Gratitude in forward moving motion always. Wherever there is a vibration in my life, I know the foundation that it comes from is pure thankfulness. I Am beyond blessed for this life I get to live, and I simply say thank you Life.

And so It is.


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