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ZanAffirmation: 220122 – ANSWERS


ZanAffirmation: 220122

January 22, 2022


In this great Cosmos, all I Am, and all I have yet to be, I Am always supported to be my most authentic self. I Am a unique one of a kind fireball of Love, created from Love, and I Am always One with Spirit. My reality is that I walk hand in hand on my beautiful journey called my Life.

Finding and or having ANSWERS throughout my life at times is very beneficial, and in reality knowing the ANSWERS sometimes is not necessary. Not knowing an ANSWER is an ANSWER. When I wake daily I ask myself “What is it I need to know this day?” In this question, I have patience and wait for the ANSWER, and in that ANSWER my path is illuminated in the direction I will go. I know I have everything inside me to ANSWER any question that may arise on my journey, as I continue to follow the vibrations that make my Soul sing. What really speaks volumes to me is that I know, even in not knowing an ANSWER something inside me does. Today I allow myself to be guided to any ANSWER that may arise, knowing I can always change my mind about any given ANSWER. Knowledge is power, and in that power I Am powerful Spiritual Being beyond measure. I Am aware that at anytime, anywhere, all I ever need to know to find an ANSWER, is to go to that still quiet space inside my minds eye and ask my guides for the ANSWER at hand.

For this and oh so much more I Am grateful beyond words, as I Am part of how my life unfolds for me. Even when I think my thankfulness bank is at full capacity, I Am always able to tap in deeper to more and more thanksgiving for every moment of all my days! I release this word into Law, knowing it returns to me multiplied abundantly.

And so It is.


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