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ZanAffirmation: 220621 – ALLOW


ZanAffirmation: 220621

June 21, 2022


Infinite One I bask in your Love as I was created from Your Perfection. All me is always walking with the Presence of the Holy One singing the Prayer of the most High Holy Trinity here on earth.

What a gift my life is and to be able to ALLOW new experiences to enhance and guide me into, more of the Truth of who I Am. When I lean into something and ALLOW it to unfold organically it is All very very very great. Anytime my authentic self is empowered I Am able to see what gift my ALLOWING brings into my world. As I ALLOW, I Am an open receptive vessel of nothing but Light and Love ready to soak in exactly what is being given to me freely. I know as I believe so it shall be, and in this knowingness I ALLOW my guides to create whatever space is needed to ALLOW me to get to the next realm of my beingness. As I release and purge that which no longer serves me, I Am ALLOWING my best and highest self more room and opportunities to express through a brand new filter of aligned Spiritual magnificence. Today I will stay open and receptive as I go through my day knowing that by ALLOWING whatever wants to be birthed through me as me, will open up new and wondrous portals of Magickal beings of Light, I so deeply want to see and connect with, as I re-remember my life with and as them.

My vibrational energy of thanksgiving is off the chart awesome this day knowing that all is well with my life right here and right now. The gift of gratitude opens all doors of like minded individuals seeking their own Truths as we come together in a powerful alignment of Light making a difference in our world.

And so It is.


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