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ZanAffirmation: 220512 – ACCEPTANCE


ZanAffirmation: 220512

May 12, 2022


In the stillness of prayer, I feel, hear, and see how many miracles surround me daily. The Omnipresent Being embraces all of me every moment of everyday, as I know I was created in Its likeness and I Am in the Divine flow of the One.

Whenever I ACCEPT a person, place or thing just as it is, and just as it is not, I know I Am in the Creative flow of Source. If something unlike perfection presents itself, I know this is something that perhaps got stuck, and just needs a way to release for my highest and best self, it is here that I continue to have ACCEPTANCE. For instance, if a pipe burst in a home after years of a previous owner who only put a band aid on it, and the new owner is giving so much love and attention to the home, it makes sense that this home is saying thank you for loving me and taking care of me, and I’ve had this leaking pipe for years, will you please fix me once and for all? This may sound silly, however I know there is energy in all things, as all things have been created by God. I Am absolutely in ACCEPTANCE of a googolplex (this is a number with more than one hundred zeros after it) percent positive that I Am always in Perfect alignment as I allow the Universe to unfold through me as me always. Today I will consciously lean into my life with complete ACCEPTANCE and know right here, right now, where I physically live, breath and show up authentically, that I Am happy, joyous, and free to live out loud, unapologetically, and unstoppable as a precious child of the Divine.

What a gift my gratitude is in all situations knowing everything that is, is always for my best and most high self. In this knowingness of how truly blessed, gifted, and highly favored I Am I continue to give great thanks for my most extraordinary life.

And so It is.


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