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ZanAffirmation: 220424 – ABOVE & BEYOND


ZanAffirmation: 220424

April 24, 2022


In this marvelous world I live in, there are more planets, more stars, and more life forms than anyone knows, except for the Loving Energy that created It all. In this All, there is no spot this Loving Energy is not. I Am a part of this All and I express through Its Love my Truth.

There is a philosophy that I completely agree with when I do something in my life and that is I get to choose to go ABOVE & BEYOND. When I engage myself with going ABOVE & BEYOND my own expectations, or some else’s expectations, we all reap the rewards of this mind set. Going ABOVE & BEYOND for me encompass’s each and every fiber of my being to be in perfect alignment with the whole Truth of who I Am and what I Am able to accomplish in this most magnificent life I get to live. There is a subtle yet powerful energy that encapsulates what my ABOVE & BEYOND means to me, as it is what allows me to color outside the normal lines. I keep my friendships, my familyships if you will, very close to my heart. In these interactions with others I Am able to embrace their ABOVE & BEYOND ways of living, and receive what they want to give me with open hands and a grateful heart.

What is absolutely one hundred percent true for me is that in my receiving, I Am actually giving myself a great gift of thankfulness. Knowing I Am deserving of all things miraculous, I go deeper into a more sacred thanksgiving allowing life to mirror back to me in perfect timing exactly what is at the core of my hearts desires.

And so It is.


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