Sovereignty … take back the power you didn’t realize you gave up.

“I’ve got a word or two, to say about the things that you do

You’re telling all those lies, about the good things that we can have if we close our eyes,

Do what you want to do and go where you’re going to,

Think for yourself ‘cause I won’t be there with you.”    

Think For Yourself, George Harrison.


Many of the people who have been reading my blogs and following me have asked why I don’t post more. The answer is this: I don’t post to bring attention to myself, I am inspired by Spirit to bring attention to the message I’ve been given. Therefore, when compelling content is presented to me, it’s my obligation to pass it along to anyone with ears to hear.

Here we go …

After hearing the first 20 minutes of last night’s “debate”, I stopped watching.  It was in fact, a shitshow.  I had hoped to hear solution-oriented plans for policies to make the lives of all American people better and it wasn’t that at all.  I realize now that even after this election, the divide in our society is so deep that it will not be healed even after the next President has been decided. There is no evidence that our current governing structure believes nor moves us toward an America where EVERY being is happy, prosperous and can make a contribution to the collective good. It continues to demonstrate and cannot seem to break the cycle of the same old us vs. them paradigm.  

Try not to focus on what you see in the news, for what the media serves up to you is more meant to be entertainment (pleasant or otherwise) than actual news these days … it is a distraction from the good that is unfolding right now in the Universe. 

The message I bring you today isn’t about hope that things will get better … it’s about a certainty that humanity is about to undergo a transformation that will leave all this polarization behind us and that the Universe has laid plans for every single one of us to win at life. Life is not a zero sum game with winners and losers, as some would have us believe.  

My revelations about a better world didn’t come overnight. In fact, without a curiosity of Metaphysics, Science and Spirituality, I wouldn’t have connected with a higher realm informing me of what to expect and when. Then, my improbable visit to Telos cemented that which I now know to be absolutely true. 

But first, I had to wrap my awareness around the idea of sovereignty and how it is every human being’s birthright. Once I knew that in my heart, NO ONE could take that away from me. I will admit, this is downright hard. The idea of tuning out all the fear and negative white noise outside of yourself in order to come to conclusions from within your higher self takes practice to master. And when you are conditioned to follow, your attention is taken from you and the agenda is rarely in your own best interest. You relinquish your power when you turn over looking after your interests, the moment you elect someone to represent you. 

Tomorrow is October 1st, 2020 according to linear time and the clock continues to tick until the time of the Shift in Earth’s consciousness along with every sentient being that resides upon her, due before the end of this calendar year. Here is a preview of some of what I can tell you to expect:

– When the Shift comes – it wont be a coup or appear as any kind of overthrow of the Status Quo.

 – You will experience a shift in your awareness. It will manifest as a knowing and wisdom you don’t remember having and nonetheless recognize it as your Truth.  You reawaken to your true sovereignty and connection to All.

 – Consider Sovereign Being, the extravagant contributions in the way of taxes you have taken from you.  It is YOUR money.  Why haven’t you insisted on transparency in how it’s used?  I have been shown a civilization where all your fundamental needs are met and it is not labeled as socialism.  There is no need for money and the unsustainable idea of capitalism is gone. 

 – Imagine a world where bipartisan agreements that never advance will be just a sad memory. Your best interests coincide with everyone else’s best interest. 

 – No more need for pointless testimony on the right way to care for others and any intention to perpetuate violence never rears it’s negative energy in this realm again. Because Love for everyone and everything is at the heart of who we are. 

Now it may seem as though I’m trying to convince you of something new and inconceivable to believe. Given the way human society has been conditioned in every way for eons, and the limitations it places on our ability to see past those inherent beliefs, I cannot tell you how to be. You, and only you can change your perception of the world you view. I can only ask you to consider that which is outside your current belief system to be possible and as humans that is a tough nut to crack. We demand tangible proof. But that is my point … faith is a belief in that which is unseen or not yet understood. I wish for you to have faith in what your gut tells you. It is always authentic and will resonate with you. Your thoughts become the things that manifest in your life, therefore science through physics proves that you help to co-create the world we all live in and collective thinking results in the evolution of the Universe.  

My perspective tells me that the New Earth, the second coming or however you wish to label it, will be here before this calendar year is over. It is nothing to fear … focus on a celebration of the end of the shitshow, not just for the United States but for the entire planet.  Peace and prosperity are right around the corner my friends, hang in there.  

Namaste 🤟 Starbuck


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