Reflections on why I have met so many people over my career

“Do what you want to do, and go where you’re going to … think for yourself, ‘cause I won’t be there with you … “

Think For Yourself, George Harrison

A few months back

A group of my hotel peers had the chance to get together and share notes on our experiences in the Hospitality business.  The conversation eventually came around to the number of people during our careers we had come in contact with.  Between staff and the management who worked for the company along with every guest we had served in multiple properties, we speculated that the number had to be in the hundreds of thousands, if not more.

I’ve had clarity over the last few months on why I ended up on my particular journey.  First, I am definitely a service-to-others being and that explains why I chose the vocation I did.  I’ve lived in 9 different states and travelled extensively throughout the U.S.  through my career.

Knowing now what purpose I am to serve, I better understand why I was to leave an impression on so many others.  The day would come when a shift to a better world would manifest, with most of the planet unaware of what is happening.  I, along with others who had awakened to the changes taking place, were to be ready to help others make sense of what was occurring, so that when the time to choose to stay in this world or ascend to the “New World”, those awakened souls like myself would be there to guide and inform.

Many profound things have happened to me in recent months building up to the time of the change in the Earth I am referring to.  I have been shown what is coming and it’s beautiful and it’s soon.  Those that know me, know that I am no pushover when it comes to believing what is truth, some would even say stubborn.  But I do believe what I’ve been shown beyond any doubt and proof has been indisputable.

For the record, my main objective in communicating with you is to instill excitement, to propel the energy fields of those who receive this message towards a positive timeline on the universal scale. The more intent you put behind a positive outcome, the more likely it will manifest. This teaching is intended to inspire your excitement, to make you enthusiastic about being alive on Earth at this time and to provide a glimpse of the probable future that our combined willpower can co-create.

I have now started to share the profound revelations about what is next for humanity and I am thrilled.  It will not be an easy task communicating to everyone with ears to hear about things they have yet to experience.  Believe me when I tell you I was a skeptic until I saw with my own eyes, that which others will refuse to believe until they see it.

What I learned and I’m passing along to you is to keep your heart open.  That is code for:  keep your mind open to things that may seem unlikely, unbelievable or impossible.

I’ve had the opportunity to begin to share the incredible things that have happened to me with some like-minded individuals.  What a few of them have said after, is that I was just a regular guy.  After hearing that, it seems like when the time came for the uninitiated to be exposed to concepts beyond their comprehension, maybe it would come easier from a regular guy.

There is so much for me to share about what is unfolding now and I am grateful to be able to guide.

Stay tuned friends. It’s going to be beautiful.

Namaste 🤟 Starbuck


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