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“Good morning … good morning …the rest of my life’s gonna start today.” Max Frost

Four years ago on December 4th, 2015, I had surgery to correct a TIA (mini stroke). I had been in relatively good health with an active life and so when in November the symptoms surfaced it was rather alarming. As time goes on I will share more about that particular episode so help others that may need a benchmark if ever faced with the same situation.

It’s fair to say that what I was going through physically at that time, was an attention-getter. When I learned that I should expect about a month of rest and recovery, I saw it as an opportunity to spend the time searching myself to really understand my purpose. Of course, I thought I was making this choice (an unattended ego is a fickle thing), but I have since come to conclude that the Universe has a way of getting our attention. Now when I refer to the Universe, that phase can be substituted for God, Source, Creator, Spirit or whatever your particular personal preference is.

Regardless, I was about to begin a spiritual journey – different from what my involvement in church had been in the past. Many signs pointed to meditation as a means of healing and understanding.

It’s probably a good time to point out that I have always been skeptical of what has been presented to me as truth. I have an inherent need to research as deeply as possible, every aspect of anything I wanted to comprehend and so believe me when I tell you I am relentless in my due diligence no matter what subject matter. My being needs to learn everything for myself. So when I decided to find out how to meditate, I scoured the Internet for methods. I tried countless things from communing with nature to phone apps – I just couldn’t quiet my mind. Two months later, somehow Transcendental Meditation came to my attention and today in a effort make these posts brief I won’t go into a lot of detail other than to say – it is a simple, effective technique that gets me to that place inside myself to commune with Spirit – every time. I practice it every day. TM has had profound effects on my life including my health. I have had a history of high blood pressure all my life along with some arthritic pain that developed from years of athletic endeavors. Neither of which I suffer from any longer. My thinking has never been clearer and my ability to take those deep, cleansing breaths I used to know as a kid playing hockey outside in Minnesota winters has been restored.

I’ll return to begin to share what Spirit has shown me. They say that prayer is you talking to God, meditation is God talking to you.

True dat.


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