Contributions to the Akash: Chapter VI: Ascension 101: Welcome Message

All of this time, I can’t believe I couldn’t see, Kept in the dark, but you were there in front of me, I’ve been sleeping a thousand years it seems, Got to open my eyes to everything … Bring me to Life.”

Bring Me to Life, Evanescence

Ascension 101: Welcome Message

This series has been inspired to help everyone understand the concept of ascension. The information that follows will describe a number of topics including Planetary Ascension, Personal Ascension, the Law of One, new Earth, the multidimensional Universe and the human energy body.

First, a little about me. In new age circles, I would be known as a Lightworker. I volunteered to incarnate on Earth from the Higher Dimensions to help prepare humanity for ascension. As a messenger and teacher of divinity, it is my mission to provide my spiritual knowledge to all. I’m here to provide you with information about the upcoming planetary event (the Shift), and with any luck inspire you to consider the impact Earth’s elevated consciousness will have on you. But as with any wisdom, dear human, your own free will dictates what you will do with what knowledge I am about to present to you. The choice is yours, Sovereign Being.

Our Milky Way revolves around the universe like a cosmic clock, which consists of a number of interconnected cycles of time. ( There are twelve major cycles, divided into twelve minor cycles. When our galaxy completes orbiting all the processional cycles after some 16 billion years, this is known as a grand cycle. This is happening now. For Earth, this end of this grand cycle coincides with the completion of the 26,000 year minor cycle, known as the “Procession of the Equinoxes”. All these cycles of time are converging back to their original start position to reboot or reset, or what is considered zero time – which is the start of the next grand cycle. That natural process allows the entire galaxy to progressively evolve and spiral from one level within the universe to the next. These levels are called “Dimensions”. You can visualize these dimensions as each of the primary colors in the visible light spectrum (beyond gamma). Each of the primary colors (ROY-G-BIV) has their own density, frequency and wavelength. As you move up the light spectrum, or from one color to the next, the frequency increases. Before any planet can naturally shift upwards to the next dimension, the frequency of the planet must firstly be compatible with this new area of the Universe.

When the solar system orbits through the universe, different sources of cosmic energy have been responsible for the gradual increase to the planet’s frequency. This process is called Planetary Ascension and Earth has been undergoing ascension for decades. Earth and our neighbors are currently positioned in the 3rd Dimension or the yellow color in the visible light spectrum. When our solar system completes the grand cycle, it will eclipse the upper dimensional plane and that Event will catapult Earth and our solar system into the 4th Dimension, or the green color in the light spectrum. This event is called a Planetary Shift. It can be visualized as two gigantic spheres or balls eclipsing each other. Each sphere represents a dimension. Visualize the top part of the yellow sphere (or third dimension) intersecting the bottom part of a green sphere (or fourth dimension). This intersection is a dimensional shift, which means the entire solar system will shift to the fourth dimension. The term planetary shift refers to a planetary object such as Earth ascending to the fourth dimension. Ascension means to evolve, progress or move up to the next dimensional level. Earth is ascending from the 3rd dimension to the 4th dimension.

It was highly expected that the planetary shift would occur at the end of the grand cycle – between the September 2012 equinox and the 2012 Winter Solstice. It took until 2016 for our entire solar system to enter fully into a highly charged band of photon plasma light energy emitting from our Central Sun (Alcyone) influencing the energy behind the planetary ascension. It is a widely held expectation that a Solar Flash phenomenon will occur (referred to as The Shift or The Event) during Winter Solstice 2020, marking the beginning of the Golden Age, the Age of Aquarius and our solar system will bathe for the next 2000 years in this photon belt’s elevated energy. The Shift will occur without warning and the event will be spontaneous. Earth and our entire solar system will literally shift into the 4th dimension. Earth changes have been occurring (earthquakes, volcano eruptions, hurricanes, tsunamis, fires), as they are a natural part of the planetary ascension process and the doomsday predictions surrounding 2012 such as comets, asteroids and polar reversals did not happen. They are physical manifestations of the Earth energetically adjusting to her new frequencies from 3rd to 4th dimension. 

The planetary shift does not signal the end of the planet – it is the completion of the old 3D timeline and the start of the 4D timeline. “new Earth” (or Terra) is the name given to our planet after she ascends into the higher frequency of the 4th dimension. (Gaia is the name given to the planet at 5th dimension ascension). Earth will ascend with or without humanity. This is unconditional, but your ascension is conditional. Currently our physical bodies or our 3rd dimensional bodies are not compatible with the higher frequencies of the 4th dimension. Therefore, to join the planet and continue living your life in the 4th dimension on new Earth, you must complete your personal ascension.

It will be necessary to raise or increase the frequency of our bodies for two reasons, firstly to ensure that we are compatible to live on new Earth in the 4th dimension, and secondly, to keep us vibrationally anchored to the planet during the planetary shift. To understand this process, perceive your being as both a biological body and as an energy body. The first of the human energy bodies is called the ethereal body, which is the invisible clone of your biological body; it is an exact duplicate but has its own specific frequency and wavelength that we cannot physically see in our 3D reality.

The ethereal body is connected to the physical body via the human chakra system. Our ethereal body has its own specific frequency or energy signature, which is determined by the status and health of our seven primary chakras. Each of our primary chakras has a specific frequency, so the overall number of fully functioning chakras determines the energy signature for our invisible or ethereal body. Therefore, when a being’s lower chakras are blocked and not fully functioning, they would experience a low energy signature. That low frequency is not compatible with the higher frequency to shift and live on new Earth.

More importantly, there is a direct energetic relationship between your ethereal body and your consciousness. Your consciousness is YOU (your Soul). Your consciousness is your thoughts, beliefs, intellect, attitudes and emotions. Your consciousness is energy. It has a frequency. This means that your conscious energy, such as your emotions, feeds directly into your chakra system. It is your conscious energy that causes your chakras to operate at a lower frequency. Therefore, the second major principle that underpins personal ascension involves expanding your consciousness, which means once you consciously make the choice to release yourself from the 3rd dimension and decide you want to live on new Earth, you will start making changes in your life. Personal ascension uses strategies to heal each one of the chakras. Therefore, to release any of the old, dense 3D energy blocking your chakras, you will simply embrace a completely new way of thinking, beliefs and attitudes. When you expand your mind, and start thinking and doing things differently, you create new conscious energy, which changes the frequency of your chakras. As a result of this process, you instantly increase the frequency of your energy signature. Personal ascension is simply the upward spiral of healing the chakras to increase the frequency of your ethereal body (energy signature).

It’s important to note that regardless of your decision to participate in ascension, everyone will physically ascend at the time of the planetary shift. Those that undertake their personal ascension (spiritually) will consciously experience the planetary shift, and then begin the next chapter of their life on new Earth, which will operate on principles known as the Law of One; namely unity, peace, unconditional love and compassion. Every individual on new Earth will have the same high quality of life, including housing, food, employment, health care, education and recreation & leisure time. No longer do you have to struggle to exist and survive. Those who choose not to participate in personal ascension, will ethereally spin off the planet during the Shift and return home to the spirit world. Every living thing on Earth will ascend, but obviously not everyone will decide to ascend to new Earth.

Much of the content that follows came from a personal ascension program consisting of 10 activities to be completed over a 12 week process and was developed for people who have no previous knowledge about the ascension process. Content is organized into paths for two different groups – namely for adults and for children under 12 years of age.

I will be presenting this information at an accelerated rate so that an individual will determine how quickly to digest the information contained. At the completion of your comprehension, you should have achieved a higher level of frequency but still monitor and manage your mind / body to ensure that you do not lower your energy signature.

Some of you are perhaps skeptical about ascension. I strongly encourage you to research information on Ascension, Planetary Ascension and Lightworkers. Ascension is real and it is your choice to act upon the information presented.

Personal ascension is open to everyone, regardless of your beliefs. Ascension for all of humanity is about free will. It is your spiritual or Divine right to decide what course of action you believe is best for you. This is why personal ascension is conditional, because your sovereign freewill prevents anyone from forcing you to accept a new way of living. Each of us has the right to decide what we wish to experience. There are no restrictions or pre-selection process and personal ascension certainly cannot be faked. The clock is ticking and the time to make your decision and begin preparing for your personal ascension is NOW.

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Namaste 🤟 Starbuck

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  1. Shanna MacLean

    Hi Lowell… Your material is fabulous… Basically, little or no editing needed. Maybe some clarification here and there and some punctuation. Do you feel the need to have someone else make changes? May I read all of it??? Is this a book you are creating?
    Question: Patricia CotaRobles,, just did a series of talks coming from what she calls The Company of Heaven. Very wonderful and uplifting. 12 hours of it. In those talks, she said that an experiment was underway and Earth was going to attempt to lift from third to fifth dimension. ?? What do you think?
    Much Love and thanks for sharing. Loved it! Shanna (MacLean)

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