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I’m here to help you comprehend … you possess the power to create the world in the way you wish. Through your Attention. NOW. We are going to think our way to a better world.

“Do what you want to do, and go where you’re going to … think for yourself, ‘cause I won’t be there with you … “

Think For Yourself, George Harrison

I have always been rather relentless in the search for knowledge on topics that gain my attention. Honestly, my due diligence is exhaustive. I have used “Look Up” more than one should probably admit. Those that know me, have seen me in action and I’m trusted to be a final line of defense on topics known to me for those in my orbit. 

I’m here to help you comprehend … you possess the power to create the world in the way you wish. You can also influence change in this one. Through your attention, we are going to think our way to a better world. Anyone seeing the Age of Aquarius upon us? 

That probably seems simplistic taking into account the current chaotic state of things. We ingest information from sources with an agenda of their own, without necessarily filtering it for our own sovereign highest good. There are many entities trying to command your attention, influence your thinking and more often than not they accomplish their objectives – regardless of yours. Every “buy this to be that” offer you accept gives away your power in this manner. 

You have it within your capacity to make the world better for yourself NOW, through the way YOU think. And in so doing, you make the world better for everyone else simultaneously. Here is how you hold up your end. 

If ever there was a time for you to trust yourself, think for yourself, respect your unique gifts and love yourself unconditionally because it’s your Divine right, that time is NOW.  You are here, serving a purpose by Divine design that only you were meant to accomplish. I believe you are reading these words because I was placed in your path when our journeys crossed and here is what I’ve been inspired to communicate with you: 

You are a spiritual being having a physical experience. Your Soul was a spark of Divine making, One with everything and that spirit existed long before you were born into this physical form.  If you agree to allow for the possibility of this line of reasoning, follow along …

If you do not, Namaste 🤟 anyway …

To continue my narrative … 

You were Divinely gifted with free will. In every instance, in every experience you must choose something. #ThoughtsBecomeThings

You are a thinking being in a thinking Universe. That is how the Universe perpetually evolves. Ironic as it seems, humans resist change, while contributing change to the evolution the entire time. 

You are uniquely sovereign with gifts like no other: beheld to none, respectful of all.  The inherent right within Your freedom of being is absolute, as is everyone’s. When viewed through a lens of loving intent, the thoughts of your subconscious connecting to the field of all possibilities (the gap) become your Divinely inspired personal reality. Your thoughts are formed by influences on your attention. Focus your attention on a thought, sustain that thinking through each detail of your desire and expect manifestation into reality as the outcome.  Everything is already a possibility from within the gap, just waiting to be called into reality. Go make your claim. The knowledge created through this process, perpetuates further the evolution of the Universe, and so it goes. The fact that you have read this far has added to your Akashic record that you have gained knowledge spending your thoughts with this topic. 

There. You just did it. You had a thought and it is now added to your reality in this moment. You subconsciously were in the gap while that took place and here is the resulting experience. Put another way, you just programmed yourself.  (#TBT)

Consider: all influences on your attention come from one of two sources: external stimulus or your internal intuition. 

Barraged by external stimuli all our lives by mostly well-intending family, religious, social, working and learning environments it’s easy to see how simply an unattended mind can be distracted and conditioned when left on autopilot. This is the white-noise all around us that we subject ourselves to. When you leave the scenarios and circumstances up to someone else, you experience what joy or chaos THEY give your attention to.  (#TBT)

On the other hand, if you tune out (or at least put into perspective) outside influences and listen to your inner being’s intuition, your life would then be made up of your pure intentions. In this scenario, you and you alone choose. Why let anyone else sail your ship when you know the vessel better than anyone else? 

We are finally waking out of a fog we’ve been dwelling in. Look around you and see what allowing others to capture your attention without your consent can result in. The realization is sinking in that we are not without resources for significant positive changes. 

I’m here to present a strategy:

Begin thinking for yourselves again. Find the way to connect with your inner being, it’s waiting. Now would be good. Know that your subconscious has the capacity to transform a thought into a thing. Spiritual as this sounds, science has also proven that things come into existence when an observer pays attention to a thought. You can command your life through the thoughts currently on your mind at any particular moment. 

Put your pure, loving intent behind your dreams and watch what manifests, but just as importantly – notice what doesn’t! Be mindful to eradicate negative impulses to keep your vibrations high, the conditions by which manifestations happen rapidly. Focus all of your energy on positive outcomes. Every good thing you desire and you deserve shows up because you’ve left no room for any thought but that. Keep doing that consistently and soon bliss becomes your state. You do get to choose. Believe it.

Take back your power. Ignore outside opinion, you’ve never needed it because you already value your self worth. Love yourself as the unique, one-of-a-kind being you are meant to be. Put your intuition in charge. Then focus your intention and energy behind your desire. Declare it to be for your highest good and the highest good for everyone and has no choice but to manifest. Stay fixed on your vision. Release the need to control how you receive your desire, leave the details to the Universe. Use your intuition to stay vigilant to deflect the outside influences trying to divert your attention. The quality of the thoughts you feed yourself will result in the quality of life you experience. Observe yourself: stay mindful of where your attention lies. 

The Law if Attraction is in full swing and I assure you what intentions you put out to the Universe are returned compounded. Choose to make them positive. I encourage you to invest your energies into positive endeavors and prepare to be rewarded with a happier existence than you imagined.

Note: Pay attention to your feelings while this is going on. They amplify your thinking to even greater elevated levels. Better becomes Best. 

Keep me appraised of your progress, we are all in this together. Once you begin to recognize the dramatic difference your thoughts have on your life (and you will), take time to stop and realize the larger impact that your contributions make collectively with others and how organically powerful a force for positive change that is. 

Your thoughts become things. Believe it. Change your thoughts and change your world.

Enjoy this day 🤟


P.S. I drop (#TBT) often to reinforce every opportunity I get to remind you that your thoughts indeed become things. Pay attention. Be mindful in maintaining a positive tone in all things and you will see it returned from everywhere. 


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