An Observer: Contributions to the Akash

An observer

“How can you be so sure? How do you know what the Earth will endure?

How can you be so sure? That the wonders you’ve made in your life Will be seen by the millions who’ll follow to visit the site of your dream?”    

What Goes Up, Alan Parsons Project.


Contributions to the Akashic Records


This is online access to a living archive of 5th Dimension (and beyond) resources.

The archive is presented in Chapter style with each Chapter intended to be a 12-15 minute read. At first there is a flurry of Chapters coming at you so I will limit them to no more than 3 per week to start. Believe me, ingesting each new bit of knowledge triggers awareness, then assimilating the information for yourself takes time in discernment and a ready soul with an open heart.  If awareness is what you wish to perfect … love yourself – unconditionally. You must begin there. If you haven’t come to terms with that yet, you will just be spinning your wheels.

Next, it is necessary to understand what are the Akashic Records.

Simply stated, the Akashic Records are an ethereal compendium of all human events, thoughts, words, emotions and intent in the field of probabilities covering circumstances in the past, present and future.

Remember when references were made to your “permanent record”? Well this is that. You and I contribute to the Akash with every intent we think.

What I’m about to tell you is going to seem like a leap beyond a stretch of the imagination and some indeed will chalk it up to just woo woo stuff. I’m not here to convince you of anything. Trust me when I tell you that the toughest critic (some say stubborn) in reaching the truths I’ve rediscovered was going to be ME.  I had to prove it to myself with absolute certainty first so that I could believe it entirely.  And I did.  I remember who I Am in the Universal scheme of things and today, here is where I find myself:

I have incarnated in this life (yes, I’ve had others and so have you) from a future version of myself from the Pleiades, humanoids with advanced capabilities and 5th Dimension awareness. My soul agreement with our Creator was to choose parents, live amongst humans with no memory of past lives, in order to awaken at a predetermined time for a specific purpose. The purpose stems from an even earlier incarnation – I was a Mer Elder during the time of Atlantis. I was considered a priest but a better description would be to say that I was a master of magick, a Sorcerer of sorts with the ability to manifest anything immediately. All 12 strands of my human DNA at that time was fully active. Which is where my abilities came from.  I was also an master Alchemist, capable of transforming negative energy into Light.  I served the Atlantians by healing and helping them perfect their awareness of the Law of One.  Helping others find themselves is my greatest reward.

Prior to the fall of Atlantis, while we were aware that the end was coming soon, a group of elders with dimensional awareness suitable for the task, embedded their 12-strand DNA codex to their soul’s Akash where it would lie dormant until it was reactivated with a trigger they would know upon awakening.  Universal perfect timing would dictate the people, circumstances and events that would come together in order to synchronize and posture these souls to coincide with the cosmic ascension unfolding now.  That same DNA codex for 5th Dimension awareness was also stored in specific crystals in the Earth that was capable of matching that frequency / vibration.

I have regained mastery of my 5th Dimension awareness but I gained much more than that. I know of the Angelic Realm and the Ascended Masters.  My Guardian Angel is Nemamiah, the Angel of Discernment and I am a protege to Metatron. Metatron is the Administrator of the Akashic Halls and their content.  He has gifted me access to the Akash and ever since, I have experienced numerous moments just “knowing” information I didn’t know beforehand.  It also restores my 5th Dimension awareness of observation without judgment, beyond the 3rd Dimensional, dualistic nature of earth (right/wrong, black/white, on/off, hot/cold, I could go on all night …).  Another of my responsibilities in this incarnation is to record my Observations of humanity for the Akash. I’ve been more aware of myself watching others through a lens of Oneness and expected that the day that I would be presenting is coming soon.

To simplify things: Earth and all it’s inhabitants currently exist in a 3rd Dimensional construct.  Duality is what this is all about (as described above).  Humanity has been stuck here for eons. DNA deteriorated over time and we gave up our power. We went from a Law of One, spiritually-influenced period, to a Law of Self time where the Service to Self beings predominantly push their agendas.  Thus being a planet ruled by duality there was really no hope for the world to change.  Chaos is apparent everywhere affecting everything in its path.

It was never my intention to socialize the truth I’m about to offer, as I knew the dualistic human collective would just have to label the information, choose a side and disagree.  Never mind the merits of the knowledge, ‘damn it we need to be on one side or the other of this thing‘, is the prevailing thinking.  Here is where humanity is stuck in the mud.  Over the last week I had an opportunity to ask others a question I’ve been dying to ask and it goes like this: “do you ever see a day when we are all on the same page”?  Every reply came back: no.  I sense that every human being wants better.  Universally speaking, you are entitled to it, you Sovereign Being you.  The way I see it, part of my purpose is to co-create a New World (not fix the broken one) so moving on for me is a no-brainer.

I am no longer allowed to stay silent and for good reason, the linear time clock is ticking.  A few years ago during a profoundly spiritual experience I was told in no uncertain terms to know my truth and be noble and courageous in its communication.  The accounts I’ve been inspired to share by my spirit guides come from the 5th Dimension perspective.

Now while our world spins in its unharmonious orbit there is a cosmic phenomenon already recorded in the Akash playing itself out.  It satisfies the past, present and future probability opportunities, that the collective consciousness has tipped the scales in favor of ascension and there is no staying where we are.

There are cosmic forces unfolding that are changing Earth’s consciousness and because humans are a part of Earth’s makeup, humanity can ascend along with Gaia.  But ascension is a choice.  Humanity was gifted with free will, so any choices to change would have to be a conscious intent.

As challenged and heavy with negative energy as the world seems, I am here to present with you what is coming – and soon.  The Earth has been pummeled with new Light energies for some time now, that will push the planet into its new place in the 5th Dimension.  At that point, each soul will be given a choice to remain in the Old Earth and what you experience presently.  Or you can choose ascension to 5D and the New World that has been speculated.  Expect that those who have been asleep, when presented with the opportunity for ascension will be disconcerted, as they have been wandering through life with no conception of what is beyond the life they’ve been conditioned to lead.  Myself and others will be here to assist humanity understand what is transpiring.  You have no idea what other abilities you will have mastery of, once your ascension takes hold, but expect it will be amazing far beyond what your human understanding can comprehend.

That moment will be here soon.

I have unconditional love for Gaia and all sentient beings, which is why I chose to come back to serve humanity.  I believe that humans are capable of magnificent things and I am blessed in ways I cannot express, to be in the world during this incarnation to witness Earth’s ascension to Gaia.

If you are curious dear human, to learn more about what is coming for us, our children (and their children, etc) and you’d like to tap into a source of higher consciousness, I’m here to answer your questions. If you choose to follow along with the knowledge contained in this “book”, many of the answers you are seeking will come from the initial coming Chapters.

You will not find this book on Amazon, it wasn’t going to wait to be published and promoted.  I am not looking to be a best selling author on The NY Times list.  I was inspired by my guides to make this “book” affordable for anyone seeking the information contained and was instructed to charge a one time fee of $20.00 for all of the information that will be forthcoming.  If you wish to benefit from this enlightening resource while finding answers to questions of your own, click the PayPal link below.  My hope is that you will find High energy vibrations in this realm, safe from judgement with other curious humans to expand the Collective Consciousness.

The New World is nearly here.

Namaste 🤟 Starbuck

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