The Afterlife of Billy Fingers

What happens to us after this life and the nature of death has been a topic of much speculation. Conditioning has convinced some of the concept of heaven / hell which in my mind would negate the idea that our Creator was something other than the God that represents unconditional love.

NDEs (near death experiences) and those who have told stories of their experience leave us to still rely on what we do (or don’t) know from our personal experience.

I was led to this book by a friend of my son’s with whom I had questions exploring Ayahuasca. He had read this book and found meaning for himself. As I have noted, I was not really a book reader at the time and it was the first one I read at the beginning of my journey. It led me to many other books afterward that helped me expand my knowledge.

I have read this book at least a half dozen times (it’s about 275 pages) – a relatively quick read. Without giving away the book, it’s a story from the other side told to the author by her brother who had passed. 

The story shined a light on my conception of what happens to us after this life. If you happen to believe like I do that our Soul is a spark of Divine Intelligence that has existed much longer before we assumed this physical form and therefore, returning to that form when our lives end here with our purpose served is reasonable to understand. 

It’s available as an Ebook and I highly recommend reading it for a positive perspective on the afterlife expectation.

Thanks to Annie Kagan for her courage and love in sharing this story.


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