I awoke so others could awaken.


Lowell Johnson

I have had a life full of adventure. For over four decades, I enjoyed a career in Hospitality management throughout multiple areas of the country. I was compensated well for my contributions, was afforded the opportunity to experience things that few others did while engaging with thousands of wonderfully lovely coworkers and guests from every walk of life. I was so busy chasing the things we all chase: the right job, income, relationships, homes, cars, etc ...that I didn’t notice the toll that following my Ego for outside recognition / validation was taking on me. At 61, after a TIA (mini stroke) got my attention, meditation was suggested as a means of assisting with the process of recovering. My life took a turn that is no less than remarkable. My journey of spiritual enlightenment over the past four years has had profound effects on my health, my prosperity, my outlook on my purpose in life and shaped what truly loving relationships should feel like. I believe in quantum physics, universal consciousness and have spent significant time understanding the path that lead me to these conclusions. Transcendental Meditation is a welcome part of every day. I now feel obligated to help others learn what I know.

Along the way, you’ll see evidence of things I like; music (usually in the form of lyrics that provided some inspiration), crystals (hey I’m an Earth sign, but may in fact have too many pieces of labradorite), etc.

Transcendental Meditation 100%
Chakra alignment 100%
Crystal healing 98%
Health quotient: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually 99%

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