Hey, I'm

A Lightworker

I awoke so others could awaken.

There’s a shift happening to human consciousness.

Feel it?

There seems to be something stirring inside many of us – coaxing us toward the exploration of self awareness.  If there is a consciousness I can reach – I want to know it. It’s about time we stop drifting mindlessly through life and grab ahold of our ability to think for ourselves. And in so doing, enabling ourselves to actively choose the lives we desire. You CAN choose. I did. 

Stay open-minded because thoughts indeed become things.

How do I manifest the things I think into the life I experience? Well, in order to believe something you’ve never before experienced, you must be open to it.  Here is the time for you to decide that the idea of faith is as absolute as you can believe. Only you and you alone, can choose to believe in something you have yet to experience, but if there is any possibility that my wildest dreams could be surpassed – I choose to believe that.  

You can find joy, good health and peace within yourselves. I did.

You are a spiritual being having a physical experience. There is a place deep inside us all that connects us to everything else. A subconscious place we can all reach with the right focus. Deepak refers to this place as “the gap” – the field of all probabilities. This is where you plant your thoughts as desires to become manifested.  

I set out to find this path in 2016 and how to access its influence. I found it. I awoke. NOW is the time for me to share what I know. 

I am here to help facilitate a communal place, comfortable to explore these truths without judgement. You are invited to engage.  Namaste.  

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